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Vegan apple tart

Vegane Apfel Tarte vor dem Backen Vegan apple tart before baking

Vegan tart without special ingredients!

Have you made the experience that vegan baking is difficult and in the end never tastes as you had imagined?
Then you’ve come to the right place! Baking vegan can actually be quite easy! And you don’t need chia eggs, fruit sauce or other substitute products, which are often expensive or can unfortunately be tasted in your beloved baked goods!

We want to help you reward your baking efforts with great and delicious results. We put up with a lot of failed attempts for this! In this way you can safely save yourself these failures and benefit from our results, which are almost always positive in the end.

If you’re a big tart fan and don’t know our other tart recipes, you can find the strawberry tart with vanilla cream and our recipe for a chocolate tart with liquid caramel here. This is a bit more demanding to prepare but worth a real sin! You will definitely make an impression with this and nobody will notice that it is vegan!

Our vegan apple tart is so great because it uses just a few, uncomplicated ingredients. When it comes to preparation, however, it’s all about the details if you want to make them particularly pretty.

First you prepare a shortcrust pastry from the few ingredients. You should not knead this for too long so that it does not become tough later. Then put the dough in the fridge to rest for about an hour. So that you can roll it out later, we shape it into a flat cake rather than a round ball. This makes it easier to roll out and tears and crumbles less at first.

In the meantime, you can relax and prepare the apple filling. For this you cook a large part of the apples (as described in the recipe) into a compote. For a round taste we add lemon juice and a cinnamon stick or alternatively cinnamon powder.

After the resting time, the dough is rolled out thinly on a floured work surface. Therefore, it is best to carefully lift it off the base and turn it again and again so that it does not start to stick when it is rolled out. When the dough is about 3 cm wider than the tart tin, roll it loosely over your rolling pin and unroll the dough over the tin to place it in the middle of the greased tart tin. Now press it from the middle to the edge in the form and also shape the indentations on the edge of the classic tart form.

Teig in die Form drücken
Shortcrust pastry in the form
Teig einstechen
Pricking the shortcrust pastry
Blindback Bohnen
Prepared for pre baking

The tart keeps its shape best if you blind bake it beforehand. It is advisable to put baking paper on the dough and put a few dried beans or rice on it, which should weigh the dough down and prevent it from bubbling. Another advantage is that the tart does not get soaked so easily by the apple filling.

When the dough is blind-baked after 15-20 minutes, it is filled with the apple compote and covered with thin apple slices. We think the rose pattern is very beautiful, but of course you can also use any other pattern here.

A small hint:

As you slice the apples thinly, drizzle some lemon juice over the apple slices to keep them from turning brown.

Vegan Apple Tart

Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time55 minutes
cooling time1 hour
Course: Nachspeise
Servings: 1 Tart
Author: Madeleine


  • 1 25cm tart mould, round


  • 300 grams of flour
  • 200 g cold vegetable butter
  • 60 g fine sugar
  • 60 ml cold water
  • 1 unwaxed lemon (zest for the dough, juice for the apples)
  • 6-8 apples
  • 2 tbsp plant drink
  • 2 tbsp apricot jam


  • Sift flour and sugar.
  • Cut the cold butter into cubes and place in a bowl together with the flour and sugar.
  • Add the vanilla and zest of the lemon zest.
  • Gradually add the cold water and quickly knead into a smooth, firm dough.
  • Bake the dough at least 1 hour cool, roll out and place in the greased form and cool again.
  • Covered with baking paper and dummy filling 15-20min. blind bake.
  • Meanwhile, make the compote.
  • Depending on the size, finely dice all the apples except for 2, simmer with the cinnamon stick and lemon juice for approx. 15 minutes with the lid closed.
  • Cut the apple slices into thin slices for the rose pattern on top, sprinkle with lemon juice.
  • Fill the blind-baked tart with the apple compote and spread the apple slices on top.
  • Bake the tart for another 25 minutes.
  • 10 minutes before the end of the baking time, brush the edge with plant drink. For a nice color of the edge.
  • Just before the tart comes out of the oven, heat the apricot jam so that it can be spread or brushed.
  • Brush with the warmed apricot immediately after removing from the oven.

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