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About us

Great, you are curious to know more about us!
We, Małgosia and Madeleine, have known each other since ​we went to college in 2003.

We simply love food and of course it has to taste good! Our friends and relatives know that when there is any ​kind of get​ together, we always bring something delicious.
-Yes, we’re almost a little pushy.

Because of our passion for food, at some point we took a closer look at ingredient lists and nutrients.
We ​realized​ that many of the foods we grew up with and ate on a daily basis, weren’t the best choice for ​neither​ our health, the environment ​nor​ the animals.

Meanwhile we are into a plant-based diet and are more than happy with it.
We want to show you that a plant-based lifestyle is diverse and fun.
And anyone who is considering to change ​their ​diet to completely vegan or with a few more plant-based days a week, can be inspired by our recipes. Everyone should choose​ for themselves what’s possible and suitable.

We asked ourselves what is the deal with statements like: “Vegans are malnourished!“, “Humans are carnivores!” or “No one gets full from vegetables alone!”?
We believe there are many more who ask themselves what is plant based or vegan ​diet ​all about?

What advantages or disadvantages does that bring and how the hell am I able to make that change ​in a world full of extra cheese pizzas or black angus​ ​steaks?

That’s why we ​got certified ​as vegan nutritionists alongside our job​s-
to not only provide you with recipes but also with information about nutrients and everything else that is important for a healthy plant-based diet.

Our personal experiences (Małgosia’s switch to a vegan diet and Madeleine’s switch to a plant-based “lighter” life as a working mom) have also shown that nutrition is only ONE component of a healthy and positive life.

Therefore you will find on our blog:

  • Information about nutritions and plant based products
  • Inspiration for plant-based recipes that contain ​only ​simple ingredients and can easily be integrated into your everyday life
  • Food for thought for a positive mindset

Whether you are a boss bitch, business lady & mother or just looking for ideas, we want to help you find ways to a healthy body and a plant based lifestyle.

We’d love to know what’s on your mind and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest, to bring more health and positive vibes into your life!

Boost your health and live yourSELF!

Yours, Małgosia & Madeleine