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Vegan pumpkin cake

Juicy cake with pumpkin and nuts

Veganer Kürbiskuchen vegan pumpkin pie

We like to treat ourselves to a good piece of cake, especially on the weekends. We often let the kids help out and let them nibble on dough, just like when we were kids. Since it does not contain any animal products, you can do it without hesitation. That makes snacking even more fun!

The pumpkin puree makes our vegan pumpkin cake super juicy. However, this also supports the bond, so that we can completely do without special egg replacement products. Many use mashed bananas, applesauce, or swollen chia seeds or flaxseeds in vegan baking to create binding in dough. We also do without it in the recipe for our vegan pumpkin cake!
Grinded walnuts and hazelnuts do not give the cake a too smooth texture. The nuts just go perfectly with the flavors of the pumpkin and the cinnamon as a spice. At the latest when the cake has been in the oven for a few minutes, the aroma of our vegan pumpkin cake will spread a cozy atmosphere in the house.

Not only do we not use egg substitutes for our recipe, but we deliberately used simple ingredients that you will most likely have at home anyway if you like to bake. If you are missing brown sugar, you can also use plain white sugar. Your vegan pumpkin pie gets a slightly more caramel note with brown sugar.

Tips for more flavor

If you roast the nuts used in a pan without fat before using them, they will get a more intense flavor. You can also buy some ground hazelnuts already roasted. In that case you can save yourself the roasting. But generally also for other recipes, nuts bring more taste to your cookies, cakes and co. if they have been roasted beforehand. You smell as the aromas unfold. Then you should take the nuts out of the pan as soon as possible. These tend to burn in the still hot pan.

Vegan pumpkin cake without pumpkin is of course not possible! So if you don’t have everything in the house right now, how about our vegan lemon cake or maybe a few vegan chocolate cookies?!

Vegan pumpkin cake

Cook Time25 minutes
Baking time45 minutes
Total Time1 hour 10 minutes
Servings: 1 Cake
Author: Malgosia


  • 1 loaf pan


  • 250 g Hokkaido pumpkin (without seeds, with shell)
  • 100 g ground hazelnuts
  • 100 g ground walnuts
  • 200 g spelled flour type 630
  • 180 g brown sugar
  • 180 ml plant drink
  • 120 ml rapeseed oil
  • 2 tsp of baking soda
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of ground vanilla
  • 2 tsp of powdered sugar to sprinkle


  • Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
  • Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and cook or steam until tender. Then add the vegetable drink to the pumpkin and puree.
  • Mix the flour with the ground nuts, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla in a bowl.
  • Add the oil and mashed pumpkin to the flour mixture and mix well.
  • Add baking soda to the mixture and pour apple cider vinegar directly onto it. Mix everything well.
  • Grease a springform pan and pour the batter into the mold.
  • Bake for 40-45 minutes at 180 ° C. At the end of the baking time, prick a wooden stick into the cake. If no dough sticks to the stick when you pull it out, the cake is ready.

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