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Pumpkin Madeleines

If you would like to bake a different variant of Madeleines,
we have a great autumn recipe for you today!
Our pumpkin Madeleines are super tender and a nicely spiced variation of the classic Madeleines.

Do you know Pumpkin Spice Latte? If you like this taste, you will love our pumpkin Madeleines.
Cinnamon is also a tasty way to flavor the Madeleines if you don’t have the spices at home. The pumpkin spice is also relatively easy to put together yourself. It’s basically made from cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, clove and ginger.
So if you already have all of these as powder on the spice rack, you can easily mix it yourself.

Pumpkin Madeleines

Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Cooling time20 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Course: Kleinigkeit, Nachspeise
Servings: 12 pieces
Author: Malgosia


  • Baking pan for Madeleines


  • 150 g wheat flour
  • 15 g corn starch
  • 80 g of sugar
  • 8 g baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp pumpkin spice (or cinnamon)
  • 1 pinch of ground vanilla
  • 50 g soy yogurt
  • 50 g pumpkin puree
  • 140 g plant-based butter
  • 80 ml soy drink


  • Sift the flour into a bowl and mix with the remaining dry ingredients.
  • You can either buy the pumpkin puree ready-made or make it yourself. We boil or steam Hokkaido pumpkin and then puree it very finely.
  • Melt the plant-based butter and mix it with the pumpkin puree, soy yoghurt and soy drink.
  • Mix the butter-yogurt mixture carefully and quickly into the dry ingredients. Do not stir too long, just until everything has just mixed.
  • Place the dough in the refrigerator for 20 minutes and preheat the oven to 180 ° C in the meantime.
  • Brush the madeleine molds thinly with fat and distribute the batter over the molds. They should be ¾ filled with batter.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for 15-18 minutes (depending on the baking pan, see notes).
  • At the end of the baking time, take the pan out of the oven, turn the madeleines out onto a wire rack and let cool down completely.


Depending on the molds, you can get 12-16 Madeleines from the amount of dough.
The baking time therefore varies between 15-18 minutes.
The Madeleines can also be glazed and decorated with sprinkles or chopped nuts.

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